2019 Alumni Project Application

Please complete the form below to have your alumni project idea considered. (Due by Friday, January 25th, 2019)

1. Overview

Leadership Hermosa Beach (LHB) is soliciting proposals for its next round of Alumni Projects. LHB began sponsoring Alumni Projects in 2013 as a way for alumni to continue the experience of working together on community service projects and to continue giving back to the City after graduating from the LHB program. This Request for Proposal (RFP) describes the process and criteria for submission and selection of the Alumni Project(s) which will begin in 2019.

2. Project Requirements

All proposals for Alumni Projects must meet the following requirements in order to be considered:

  1. In order to comply with laws governing the 501(c)(3) status of LHB, the project must benefit the general Hermosa Beach community, must not be designed to profit any individual or group other than LHB, and must not be political or religious in nature.

  2. Project team members shall include at least one active (i.e. dues are current) alumni member of LHB. This member does not have to be the project leader but should be substantially involved in the project.

  3. The project shall not compete with the current class project. (The LHB Class of 2019's project Learnmosa is to create an app that highlights Hermosa.) The dates of any Alumni Project events must not conflict with any class project event dates. Current class members may not fill key roles in an Alumni Project prior to their class project's completion.

  4. Similar to LHB class projects, Alumni Projects shall have a defined end point. This can be an agreement for maintenance to be taken over by the City, the option to discontinue an event after a specified period of time, or another arrangement that eliminates any indefinitely-continuing obligations on the part of LHB.

3. Evaluation Criteria

Potential projects will be evaluated by the Alumni Projects Committee according to the following criteria. The percentages listed are an approximate weighting for each criterion designed to show the relative importance of each area.

  1. (40%) Benefit to the Hermosa Beach Community. The project must provide a benefit to the Hermosa Beach community. Proposals should explain how the project positively impacts the community and why LHB should undertake the endeavor. The most highly-rated projects will fulfill a community need in a way that LHB is uniquely positioned to provide.

  2. (20%) Execution Plan and Risk Mitigation. The project must have a plan which includes a clearly defined scope, schedule, and budget. The plan must also identify potential risks to execution and plans to mitigate those risks. Examples might include the risk of not obtaining commission and council approval, the risk of unforeseen stakeholders emerging during the project, etc. It is OK to have project risks, and the Alumni Projects Committee will look more favorably upon projects which have identified risks and mitigation plans.

  3. (15%) LHB Resources Requested. The project proposal must identify key team members rather than requesting LHB to supply those team members. In other words, bring a team, not an unstaffed idea. LHB is willing to provide financial resources for the selected project(s), but the proposal should also explore and describe potential opportunities for additional sources of funding (e.g., sponsorships and fundraisers).

  4. (15%) Project Timeline. There is no specified limit on the duration of Alumni Projects. However, the schedule should be realistic and appropriate for the project. Respondents should recognize that projects with excessive durations are difficult to maintain and that overly aggressive schedules are difficult to execute. Additionally, the City and other stakeholders may have their own coordination and approval timelines. The proposal must account for these timelines.

  5. (10%) Team Composition. The proposing team should possess (or be able to acquire) the skill set required to execute the project. The team doesn’t have to consist entirely of LHB alumni, but teams that propose a heavier involvement of LHB alumni will be considered more favorably. Proposals are encouraged to contain a staffing matrix or organizational chart that lists who is responsible for each aspect of the project.

4. Proposal Instructions and Timeline

Respondents must complete and submit a written application by Friday, January 25th, 2019 to chris@leadershiphermosa.org. An application form is included at the end of this RFP. This format is suggested but not mandatory; the Alumni Projects Committee will accept any application which includes all of the information requested in the attached application.

The Alumni Projects Committee will review applications to ensure that they meet all of the mandatory requirements contained in Section 2 above. The top (up to five) proposals meeting these requirements will be invited for an in-person presentation during the week of January 21st. These presentations will be an opportunity for teams to elaborate on their projects and for the Alumni Projects Committee to ask questions. Teams should expect a 15-minute presentation time followed by another 15 minutes for questions from the committee. Creativity is encouraged, but team presentations should focus on the project attributes described in Section 3 above. The Alumni Projects Committee will select one or more proposals and recommend its selected project(s) for final approval by the LHB Board of Directors.

5. Selected Project(s)

The Alumni Projects Committee will work with the selected project team(s) to ensure they are proceeding according to plan. Project review schedules will be tailored to each individual project, but selected project teams should expect a kickoff meeting within one month following project approval. During that kickoff meeting, the Alumni Projects Committee and the project team will establish a project charter and decide upon metrics designed to keep the project on track.

Alumni Project Application Form